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He won’t bother to write or phone you - he’ll just rip the still-beating heart from your chest!

The Roleplay

Do I have to watch or be into REPO in order to play here?

Nope! It might help you get a better idea of the setting and the plot, but we've tried to provide enough information for people who haven't seen it. If there is something still confusing you, or something else you would like to know about, don't hesitate to ask.

How active must I be to play here?
We aren't too strict about it, but we would like you to be around. Activity checks will happen every so often, but you shouldn't have to stress about it. At the bare minimum we suggest to participate in one log every two weeks, and post on the network at least once a week.

What type of fandoms are allowed?
Anything that has an established fandom. This includes anime, manga, television, movies, books, comics and established webcomics. We do not allow celebrities or real people, such as band musicians or actors, nor do we allow original characters.

Is there a character limit?
No, but please don't pick up 10 inactive characters. You can only have two characters per fandom and they must not be close to each other.

Can I thread hop?
As long as you aren't in two logs that happen at the same time in the game, you can join as many logs as you feel you are capable. Please finish them if possible.

Can my character have powers?
We would like to deal with this on a case-by-case basis. If your character has powers and you'd like to try to keep them, please contact us with either a comment to this post or by any of the info here. We can figure something out then.

What happens with dropped characters?
It is said that they're caught by the Repo Man. If someone picks up the same character later, then it will be seen as someone else who happens to look the same and has the same personality. Perhaps they both had the same cosmetic surgery package at Gene Co.!

It is possible, however, to pick up a dropped character and keep the previously established history and character interactions. If you would prefer this to a character reboot, shoot an email to the mods and we'll talk it out with you.


Well, this isn't exactly right. . .

That's great, but we made some creative alterations to make REPO better fit for a roleplay. It can't be exactly the same down to a T, right?

What are the effects of Zydrate?
It depends on what kind you take. There are several different types; Gene Co's Day-Time and Night-Time formulas, as well as straight illegal Zydrate. Day-Time formula is not as effective at killing pain as the others, but it doesn't knock you to sleep - rather, it keeps you wired and awake. Night-Time formula will sedate you for about half an hour before you fall unconscious. Straight Zydrate is most like Night-Time formula but is also reported to work as an aphrodesiac. All Zydrate temporarily makes you high and is addictive.

Is it possible to live through the Repo Man's visit?
In fact, yes! The reason most of the Repo Man's victims die is because he tears out vital organs for repossession. In some other cases, but not quite so common, victims die from careless incisions made during the repossession and they're left helpless on the street only to bleed to death. Survival is extremely rare, but in the case of a minor repossession such as an eyeball or another non-vital organ it's possible. In the case of a survivor, they'll have to get help afterward or risk infection or death by blood loss. The Repo Man is careless aside from the one organ he's after and repossession is extremely painful, but survival is possible.



Us mods are keeping ourselves anonymous. We aren't hiding, we just don't want to be on the stage. We're a part of the game too, but we don't want to seem like we ARE the game. We just don't want to seem imposing. :)

Soo, we never get to find out who you are?
Not true! We are often in chat, and we're friendly. Once you join the community, you'll eventually become aware of who we are. If you'd like to get to know us before hand it's totally okay to pop into our chatroom!

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ask here. Anonymous posting is on and comments are screened. Alternatively you can contact us using the information found here.

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