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REPO! The Genetic Roleplay


I was infected by your genetics - now I am perfect, by their cosmetics.

Joining the Roleplay

Applications are open!

Interested in our RP? That's great! All you have to do is fill out a form at the bottom of the page and send it to the email address provided. A guide is provided below in case you're unsure of what we're asking for. Any character from an established fandom is allowed; this means we accept characters from books, anime, manga, movies, video games, and tv series. We don't accept real people such as band members, celebrities or actors.

Application Information

Unsure of what goes where? Here's a guide for filling out an application form.

Mun information

Name: The name or nickname you prefer to be addressed by.
Livejournal: Your personal LJ handle. Required.
Birth date: There is no age limit, this is only for our information.
Contact: E-mail or AIM! E-mail required, AIM optional.
Other Characters: If you are applying for your first character, just write none.

Character information

Name: Your character’s full name. Note that any characters who are dead by the end of REPO! The Genetic Opera(no spoilers; if you've seen the movie you know who they are) may not be applied for.
Fandom: Their fandom; no abbreviation please.
Age: Self explanatory
Gender: Self explanatory
Appearance: A description of your characters current appearance. Around 100 words.
Personality: What kind of a person are they? Here is where to put their likes, dislikes and personal traits. Around 150 words here, please.
Occupation: What job your character holds. If they are unemployed, note this here. Please note that if you are applying to be an Organ Repo Man, your character must have a code name to be used when they are performing their Repo Man duties.
Background: This roleplay is alternative universe. Your character grew up here. How were they brought up? What is their role in society? Are they part of high-class or low-class society? Around 200 words.
Genetics & alterations: If your character has ever had surgery, either for medical reasons or cosmetic reasons, state so here. Any impact this has on their lives goes here as well.


First person A post your character might make for the networking community; it can be a written, voice or video post. At least 100 words.
Third person A solo log for your character to show your grasp of the character and descriptive skills. Must be around 200 words.

Application Form

When you are ready, fill out the following and e-mail it to

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