REPO! The Genetic Roleplay (therepoman) wrote,
REPO! The Genetic Roleplay


Until our debts are clear, we will live in fear of the REPO MAN!


I'm infected by your genetics - all I need is surgery.

In a world where organ failure is as common as the cold, genetics is a curse. They dictate everything about your body, from the frame of your face to the function of your liver. Thanks to genetics, you get to inherit all of the problems of your parents, who got it from their parents. There is a long line of imperfections and it all ends with you. You’re born ugly, grow to hate your body as you grow old and eventually something will fail. At one time, there was nothing you could do about this - but this is the 21st century, and now there is a cure.


Addicted to the knife she needs a little help with the agony.

Surgery markets in this day and age are as common as any other market. Have a failing organ? No problem; you’ll just have to get it replaced. Hate your face? That’s too bad. Get a new one! Thanks to Gene Co.’s easy financing, any surgery you desire is easily within your grasp. Whether you absolutely need surgery, or you’re just looking to further perfect yourself there is a surgery for you.

Everyone expects organ failure, and it’s no longer any stress. When that time comes, a simple procedure will fix you right up. You can even get it replaced before that happens and avoid it entirely. Prolonging your life is an easy task, and Gene Co. will help you on your way to becoming healthier.

Plastic surgery for cosmetic perfection is commonplace in this day and age. You can have the procedure done through Gene Co., for a price. Or you can go to a submarket when you need it now, risking a botched surgery in favor of a cheap operation. Almost everyone has had cosmetic surgery, and to not be altered is almost looked down upon. Some people change their face like they change their shirts, their surgery addiction bringing them under the knife monthly - sometimes weekly.

With technology as far as it’s come, it’s even possible to improve yourself with surgery. If you were born without or have lost your sense of sight, touch or hearing it can be replaced. You can have added to you a small ability, such as projecting memories through your eyes as a hologram, spark a small fire with a snap of the fingers, or even wings to help you fly. With the options out there, it seems as if choices are limitless.


And a little help comes in a little glass vial in a gun pressed against her anatomy.

The most important thing in society is Zydrate. What is Zydrate? To be blunt, it’s a drug. It’s a pain killer. It comes in day time and night time forms, in a little glass vial that can be inserted into a special gun and shot straight into the flesh. Gene Co. sells it in the only legal form, but it is just as easy - if not easier - to buy it illegally in the submarket. It is most commonly used to ease the pain associated with surgery recovery, but it’s highly addictive.

What is it made from? Well, most people don’t want to know the answer to this question. It’s extracted from dead bodies; specifically, the nose. Not only are most corpses stripped of their organs to be later implanted, but as they lay rotting they produce Zydrate to be extracted by grave robbers and peddled to addicts.


My greatest face - all debts are paid at the opera tonight.

When you’re at the brink of death, it isn’t very hard for Gene Co. to convince you to go through life saving surgery. For the not-so-wealthy, that can mean serious trouble. Gene Co. is a very demanding company. They will send GenCops to your door often to remind you of the money you owe, and you’re not safe until it’s been all paid off. If you can’t affford to pay it off, however, then you might as well not have gone through surgery at all.

If you fail to meet your payments, Gene Co. gives you 90 days to pay up. If you can’t meet that, however. . . it’s lights out for you - permanently. Forget a GenCop giving you a friendly reminder to pay up. Now it’s the Repo Man’s turn. You’ll get no warning, but you’ll know when he’s coming. The fear in the pit of your stomach won’t let you forget. Don’t bother to run because he’ll find you.

The Repo Man will open you up and forcefully take back Gene Co’s property. He won’t bother with anesthesia nor will he bother closing you up; he’s going to leave you there to die.

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